Kill Bill: Preview

Gratuitous and over-the-top: That’s what Quentin Tarantino does in his stories, plot lines and characters. No exception was made in 2003 when Kill Bill Pt.1 released as a grindhouse-style homage to the martial arts film. Blood, gore, and exaggerated tropes abound. The Asian characters in Kill Bill, with few exceptions, fall squarely into Western stereotypes. … Continue reading Kill Bill: Preview

Skin: Preview

“Little soul, little perpetually undressed one, do now as I bid you, climb the shelf-like branches of the spruce tree; wait at the top, attentive, like a sentry or look-out. He will be home soon; it behooves you to be generous. You have not been completely perfect either; with your troublesome body you have done … Continue reading Skin: Preview