Milagros: Preview

Milagros//Miracles According to the New York Times, the number of migrant children currently in federal border camps is at an all-time high: 12,800 this month. As we Austinites especially know, ICE has been out in full force since the new presidency and is terrorizing our communities, hunting down any trace of ethnicity and disrupting family … Continue reading Milagros: Preview

Lest We Forget: Preview

ORDER ISSUE 5 NOW: Once again, with this shoot, we’re holding our cards close to our chest–you’ll see the other images in print only! “While we cannot deny the subjective beauty of these paintings and the technical prowess with which they were executed, we must also acknowledge the ugly truth behind the canon of art … Continue reading Lest We Forget: Preview

La Sirena: Preview

ORDER ISSUE 5 NOW: “Con los cantos de sirena no te vayas marear” Don’t become dizzy with the songs of the mermaid. Lotería is a game that is played in Latinx homes amongst family and friends, and stems from Mexican culture and history. The cards are oftentimes presented to players with a joke or riddle, … Continue reading La Sirena: Preview

Kill Bill: Preview

Gratuitous and over-the-top: That’s what Quentin Tarantino does in his stories, plot lines and characters. No exception was made in 2003 when Kill Bill Pt.1 released as a grindhouse-style homage to the martial arts film. Blood, gore, and exaggerated tropes abound. The Asian characters in Kill Bill, with few exceptions, fall squarely into Western stereotypes. … Continue reading Kill Bill: Preview