Tess: Preview

“Did you say the stars were worlds, Tess?” “Yes.” “All like ours?” “I don’t know, but I think so. They sometimes seem to be like the apples on our stubbard-tree. Most of them splendid and sound–a few blighted.” “Which one do we live on–a splendid one or a blighted one?” “A blighted one.” Born into … Continue reading Tess: Preview

Ashes of Antiquities: Preview

We are deeply disturbed by the destruction of cultural heritage worldwide, most notably in recent times with the actions of militant groups like DAESH. The reactions against DAESH, however, have also meant destruction—carpet-bombing from many countries have been responsible for the decimation of art and architecture. Why are these objects and locations targeted? What does … Continue reading Ashes of Antiquities: Preview


Name and Major Erin Kuykendall, Art History Role with The Audacity Creative Director What is your favorite part of being in The Audacity? My favorite part of being in The Audacity is being able to actualize all our inspiration. If we feel motivated by something, it doesn’t have to stop there. This is such a wonderful … Continue reading Cake

Smoking Gun

The Making of Smoking Gun Here is our smoking gun, our corpus of evidence: there is space in the in-between. Our world is made up of rigid lines, and nowhere is this clearer than with the aggressive gendering of daily life. Somehow pink and blue have replaced personalities and self-presentation has taken a back seat … Continue reading Smoking Gun


The Making of Ophelia Hamlet’s Ophelia is a character often chastised for her tragic role. Torn apart by a love unrequited, a dead father, and a brother gone mad, she realizes that her expression is best left in nonsensical rhythm; her body more suited to the soil. She finds respite in speaking illogically, offering flowers … Continue reading Ophelia